Prepare for mastering:

1. Leave some headroom

Don’t use a limiter and anything on the master buss at all.
Lower the master buss volume so there are no peaks over digital zero,

2. Upload files

Upload 16 or 24bit 44/48,1kHz stereo Wave or Aiff files using
Include band name, song titles, and album title.
Use this email address:

Vinyl mastering:
Keep in mind that ​maximum play time for vinyl is 22 minutes each side.
Contact for more information.​

WAV files ready for digital distribution, and DDP-Image is included as downloadable files.

A complete track list with correct song-titles and order are essential for a DDP-image file.​


Mastering (stereo wave files)
(DDP image file included)***

Price: 1400 Sek (45-75 min)
Price / song 170Sek (max 7min)

Stem Mastering
(DDP image file included)***

Up to six stems
Price: 1600Sek (45-75 min)
Price: / song 220Sek (max 7min)

Stem 1 guitars
Stem 2 bass guitar
Stem 3 Kick drum
Stem 4 Rest of the drums
Stem 5 Vocals
Stem 6 Everything else

All prices include Swedish VAT (MOMS) at the standard rate, 25%.