Price: 1800SEK/DAY

Prepare for mixing:

Please follow these steps.

1.Mix down of every track starting at zero.
44,1 or 48khz and 24bit mono or stereo wave files depending on the instrument.

2.DonĀ“t use any master fx like compressors,eq or maximizers.

3.Name each track, Kick drum, guitar, vocals etc.

4.Put all the tracks in a separate folder for each song.

5.Include all the midi files starting at zero.

6.Include all the bpm information for each song.

7.Drums: Include a recorded trigger signal (audio) for each drum.

8.Guitars: Include clean DI-signals from all the guitars and bass.

9.No editing are included in the price, such as Drum editing. This must be done before mixing.

(mastering included)

Please follow these steps.