Price: 1800SEK/DAY

Prepare for mixing:

Please follow these steps.

1.Mix down of every track starting at zero.
44,1khz and 24bit mono or stereo wave files depending on the instrument.

2.Don´t use any master fx like compressors,eq or maximizers.

3.Name each track, Kick drum, guitar, vocals etc.

4.Put all the tracks in a separate folder for each song.

5.Include all the midi files starting at zero.

6.Include all the bpm information for each song.

7.Drums: Include a recorded trigger signal (audio) for each drum.

8.Guitars: Include clean DI-signals from all the guitars and bass.

9.No editing are included in the price, such as Drum editing. This must be done before mixing.

(mastering included)

Please follow these steps.